Thursday, April 29, 2010

Adventures with Shoe Dog

Further adventures with the FHS.....I went in for my endometrial biopsy yesterday.  This is where a soft "pipelle" is inserted into your uterus and a small tissue sample is extracted.  No big deal....except when you look at the length of this "pipelle".  The doctor held it up to show me that it was flexible and soft....and incredibly long.  I asked..."Hmmmm....are you going to biopsy my thyroid?  If so, there is an easier way to get there!".  He chuckled, told me to lay back and relax.  Relax....It would have taken much more than 800 mg of Motrin to help me relax.  They should only do these things after serving a glass of wine....or a bottle.
My labs came back normal except iron levels.  Very usual.  Iron and I have a very aversive relationship.  I decided to look and see if I had any already before buying some.  I did.  I can date when my last three iron levels were taken by the expiration dates on the iron bottles.  Two were outdated by at least a year.  They all looked like they were missing about three pills. 

I'm determined, though.  I grabbed the one bottle that was still in code and swallowed a pill.  I immediately felt my entire GI system shut down.  Just usually takes three days for that to happen.  Hmmmm....seeing a pattern!

I went to Road Runner Sports for the 3-Day Clinic yesterday, also.  We took turns being measured for better fitting sports bra's and jumping on "Shoe Dog" to assess our gait and arches.  I jumped on the treadmill and then was able to watch a video tape of myself walking.  First, let me tell you...I will never be a foot model.  Wow....I need a pedicure.  I also stood on a pressure pad and discovered that 1) I can't tell left from right when asked to move over....and 2) I have a heck of a lot of pressure pushing down on my heels.  From the looks of the graph he showed me, my toes are actually air born as I'm walking.  Or it could just be that there is a heck of a lot of weight on those poor puppies. 

The bra fitting was the worst for me.  My friend, Cyndi, actually walked over and asked if I was OK.  "Why?" I asked.  "You look really, really uncomfortable, is she touching your chest?"  "Who cares about the chest....I just can't stand being touched by the measuring tape!"  I was then handed three bra's and taken to a dressing room.... or more like a dressing stall.  One with a top opening and a bottom a store full of people....that I was supposed to be topless in.  I dressed right next to the door.  What if some 7 foot tall guy walked by?  He would walk by, look in, scream in fright and remain single for the rest of his life!  I think all bra fittings should be in an actual room.  I don't see myself repeating this whole scenario....I was almost having an anxiety attack in there!

I didn't buy anything but will be returning to purchase some shoes.  I will be sad to take off my Sketchers...they are the most amazing shoes EVER!!!  But I can't see myself walking 60 miles in them.  I will continue to train in them for a while but will need to buy some grown up shoes when I start walking further.  I still wear them for shorter walks...and to work on casual Fridays.  Life is good....tomorrow is Friday. we come!

Love to you all!


  1. I love your writing Sheri! I am a size 16/18, mostly 18. I have 3 sisters who are sizes 2,4 & 6! They tell me I'm not fat, yeah right, could be bigger! I look at your pictures and I think you are beautiful. I am your cousin Traci. I have not seen you since we were all little and you came to Texas for a visit! I look forward to reading more!

  2. I very much enjoyed your latest blog! I laughed out loud, and needed a laugh out loud today!