Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Go Tell it on the Mountain

My brother Dave called me last week and asked me to go hiking up Cowles Mountain with him.   Since I would do just about anything to spend time with my brother, who I must say was about my best friend in the world when I was growing up, I eagerly slotted time in.  Saturday morning at 6:30am?  You bet!  Let me start with telling you that he was there at 6:15am and wide awake.  I was dressed and feeling the effects of living through a corporate audit the week before...technically awake, but my brain was numb. 

We picked up water and headed for the hills.  Cowles was busy....no space in the parking lot so we had to park a ways down the street and walk up to the starting point.  Let me stress that again...walk up to the starting point.  My brother took off on the sidewalk and I jumped in beside him.  I was panting on about step three.  Let me preface this with saying that Dave just finished 90 days of P90X.  I just finished 90 days of what?.....sitting behind a computer working on my Master's Thesis.....sitting behind a computer working on my five year program renewal for work....sitting behind a computer preparing for our company audit....you can see that we had a slight imbalance in our physical abilities....let's break it down even more....he's a guy who's fit and I'm a gal who's fat.