Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pictures, Pedaling and My Phone

The Breast Cancer 3-day walk is in 28 weeks.  If I walk 20 miles a week while training, that's the equivalent of 560 miles...or the distance from here to the Grand Canyon.  I think it's actually closer as the crow flies but if you want to get there on a paved road, it's 557 miles from my house.  In 28 weeks, I could also lose 42 pounds at a healthy rate.  I think I'll set my sites at that goal....walking to the Grand Canyon in the summer does not sound the least amount appealing....except maybe to the buzzards that would be feasting on my carcass. 

I have failed miserably in my training this week.  Monday, I left for work early and came home late but did take time to jot a note on Facebook.  I made a comment about getting an under-the-desk pedal exerciser.  One of the nurses that I work with brought one in for me on Tuesday!   I have a full fledged mini-bike under my desk....and I have used it!  It's taken a little getting used to....I tried using it while I was typing but could only take the pounding on my thighs for so long.  They slapped into the desk with ever upward motion.  So I pulled it out a little further.  Now, I can't reach my keyboard but can use it while I'm having meetings or on the phone.  It's a little harder to carry on a conversation while out of breath and some callers have thought they mistakenly called the 1-800 sex line but overall it seems to be working.  My staff has chalked it up to one more quirky thing that comes along with having me as a supervisor.  They don't even blink anymore.  Tomorrow, I do need to get back on my walking schedule, though. 

We celebrated Instructor week yesterday at work.  My boss was taking pictures.  He took one of me eating a piece of cake.  He doesn't know it but I'm confiscating his camera.  It looks like I'm having a stroke while I'm eating.  I'm not kidding.  One eye is half closed and I think the left side of my face is sliding down.  I am not a photogenic person...ever....I have one good picture of me.  It was taken when i was two....fortunately, they got my good side.  Now my only good side is the back of my head.  This is not some me...those that have seen pictures of me will agree.  My hope during the 3-Day is that I can avoid camera's...or be at least on the right side of one.  I'd rather be the one taking the pictures.  I truly have no talent as a photographer...but people are less likely to point a camera at you if you are pointing one back at them.   It's a little like having a gun in your hands.

So...if I'm going to walk the distance of here to Arizona and loose over 40 pounds, time to get serious....again....really....this is the last time.....stop laughing.  No more cake (especially when camera's are around!).  Increase the walking.  Peddle my heart out...(pick up fund raising from phone calls....?).  I don't want to be walking 60 miles while hefting an extra 50 pounds along for the ride.  It would seem that the walk would just be easier if I know...smaller.  Especially the up hill parts.  Give me some encouragement....please...I can use some words of..."you can do it!" and "You're on your way"...or even..."Hey stupid...when are you going to get tired of this unhealthy cycle that you're in!".  I'll take it all...and internalize maybe the stupid comments may not be the best!  Wish me luck!

Love to you all!


  1. Good Luck. Sounds like a good goal to set for yourself--make sure you have good shoes! ;-)

  2. Hey, if along with getting healthier, you're also trying to raise money for breast cancer research, then any time you're peddling and someone thinks they've misdialed the sex line, tell 'em it's $3.99 a minute and then have them send their checks directly to the Koman foundation. And if they actually want a little dirty talk, just peddle harder while grabbing the closest medical text and reading it to them in your breathiest voice. They'll never know the difference.

  3. Do they have a pedal thing for arms? That would be awesome!