Sunday, January 22, 2012

Way back when I used to be cute...

My workplace was recently redecorated...painted, new flooring, new artwork...the works.  As with any redecorating project, it began with lots and lots of packing.  The entire school was alternately packing and unpacking...moving boxes from this room to that room....all while continuing to take care of our ample student population.  I moved my boxes seemed easier to keep control.  It also allowed me a chance to go through my decorations and do some redecorating of my own.  Out came a variety of "new" family pictures to share with any unsuspecting person entering my office.

As I had never brought wedding pictures into my office, it seemed time to do so.  Everyone has met my a matter of fact, most of the staff remind me that if we ever split up, it would likely be my fault since he is a saint and I can be a bit cranky at times.  Noted. pictures up.  Little did I know what type of comments they would spark. 

"This is you?"  "Yep...on my wedding day."  " long ago was that?"  "Eleven years ago."  "You looked reallllllllllllllllly different then (emphasis on reallllllllllllllllllyyyyy)!"  "Ummmmmm.....thanks?" 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New year...New Resolutions?

Here we are....January 1st...again.  I looked for my New Years Resolutions from last year.  I have effectively buried them in a pile of paperwork, most likely with "get more organized" topping the list.  I also, I'm sure, had the standard "loose weight", "exercise more" and "finish school" somewhere on the page.  One out of four is not bad.  I did finish school.  I officially have my MSN.  I also did loose weight....several times if I remember correctly.  Fortunately, I haven't been writing goals of "weigh less at the end of the year"....that would be a very different story!

So now I'm faced with starting 2012.  What do I want this year?  I decided to look at what I got accomplished today and base my goals of of that.  I did exercise today so I feel safe about putting that on my list.  I started Turbo Jam and after five minutes, I realized that regardless of how perky Charlene Johnson is, she's not trying to do those moves with an extra 60 pounds on her, so i grabbed my back up video of Slim in Six instead.  This fit my pace and I didn't have to find my inhaler to finish!  I then got reacquainted with my treadmill.  It seemed happy albeit I'm sure wondering why I was heavier since we last spent time together.  I put it at the full incline and walked 2.9 miles an hour for a mile - about 20 minutes.  I felt accomplished and like I'm starting the year off in a positive way.  Only 364 more days to go!