Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Following up with FHS

I visited the doctors office today.  I have never understood why they take my blood pressure after taking my weight.  But then I've never understood why the dentist always says "your gums are bleeding" after they poked me with a sharp instrument either.  Go figure.  My blood pressure was high.   We did it again.  It was lower...I think it was because I had meditated the number on the scale out of my head.  Ignorance is bliss....and does not have hypertension. 

I made the appointment with the doctor because I have had periods of Fuzzy Head Syndrome.  FHS can be caused by a variety of reasons, apparently....none of which are easy to distinguish. 

Trying to describe my symptoms caused my doctor to tilt her head like a Cocker Spaniel at least twice.   "Tell me your symptoms"
"I am having problems concentrating and it feels like I'm a bit drunk most of the time." 
"Is this a problem for you?"
 "Only if I'm expected to do anything...which is primarily every moment of the day." 
"So...you're dizzy?" 
"No...not really dizzy.  It's more like...hmmmm....fuzzy headed."
"I'm not finding that as a diagnosis..."
"I also have some of those little swimmers in my vision"
"Do they bother you?"
"Only when they do the butterfly stroke....it's kind of distracting."
"I'm still not finding a diagnosis in the computer...any other symptoms?
"I have some pressure behind my left eye."
"That I can work with...let's call it a head ache."

She was actually very thorough, which helped my anxiety.  I did not win the genetic lottery.  My mother had multiple strokes and my father has suffered a heart attack and quadruple bypass.    My biggest anxiety comes from those little swimmers...my mother's strokes primarily stemmed from occipital lobe or vision center. With my family history, they have decided to do a CT of my noggin and some labs.  We discussed doing a MRI but the thought of a bunch of contrast going through my brain was not sounding appealing.  I'm hoping that the labs come back with something simple like - your iron is low and you just need supplements....and some Metamucil.

I was also referred out to the OBGYN for a follow up.  They plan on taking a tissue sample tomorrow.  This does not sound fun.  They began that conversation with "you may want to take 800 mg of Ibuprofen before you come tomorrow".  Any time they are telling you to preload pain killers, you can assume the worst.  I'm hoping that my fuzzy head also proves to have fuzzy pain receptors.  At least I would get a positive out of it!

My biggest fears go to two different realms.  1) You have something seriously wrong with you and there is nothing that we can do....or...2)  There is nothing wrong with you and there is nothing we can do.  In either case, I will be stuck with this fuzzy headed euphoria that is making doing homework a bit challenging.  Studying nursing theory with a clear head is challenging.  Trying to do it while your having problems concentrating is murder.  I start reading and then....Squirrel!.....ok....back to reading....."Shiny thing!!!"....Arghhhhh.....reread the passage .....and...."Hey, is that synchronized swimming?".....Forget it!!!!!  I'm five weeks in and have two more papers to write.  The last one is 17 pages.  If I have a tumor, please tell me before week nine so I don't waste my time!

I'm sure that I'll end up finding out something simple but I'm glad that the doctor took me seriously.  She was very attentive and shared a variety of possible causes.  Now it's just following up with the diagnostics and putting together the pieces.  It's not all bad, though.  For now, if nothing else, I'm spending less on wine! 

Love to you all!


  1. Sounds like stress and peri-menopause, Sheri. Which will give you many incidents to write funny stories about. At least, I'll keep my fingers crossed that this is all the problem turns out to be.
    Sharon (energywriter)

  2. glad doc is lookin into it hope it all works out. you are in my thoughts and prayers.