Sunday, July 31, 2011

Life as I Know It

OK - another five pounds down and a successful trip to the MD.  My cholesterol is down 50 points, my blood pressure was within normal range and apparently I don't look as anxious as I did the last time I saw him.  I thought back to my last appointment....January...right after I took my new position.  Suddenly it all made sense!  I was pretty stressed out I've reached a point of calm.  I enjoy the students...I've found a good balance between teaching and administration and I'm wrapping up my MSN.  I am no longer buying wine by the box!  I'm onto the little self regulating individual serving bottles. 

I do feel calmer and in some ways, more....can I say it?....attractive?  I still have all my other Samwise Gamgee traits....large feet, stocky body and red hair (albeit that one is by choice!) but I am feeling like a more feminine version of Sam...maybe something like Sam's wife...hmmm...without the curly hair and young face.  At least if I'm going to resemble a hobbit, I'm looking more like a female one!

I bought a treadmill from my friend Loree.  I know that everyone warned me that it would quickly become a clothes hanger but believe it or not...I'm using it!  I love it!  I put it at an incline of 8 and 3mph and go to town.  I am being warned by my family that I need to get it out of the Living Room - Matt wants me to keep it in the garage so he can sweat more while using it.  I have a feeling that if I sweat that much, they will find me passed out and covered with the neighborhood cats.  I like my exercise the way I like my...well....every other air conditioning and with some form of music or visuals to take my mind off it!

I also may add that in the Living Room I have the ability to watch my dog.  He stays in great shape by chasing his tail....for a little Tasmanian Devil spinning about the room.  He catches it sometimes...and chews on it...looking surprised that something is causing him pain.  That is quickly replaced, however, with that pesky thing moving at his backside and he's off and spinning again!  We have decided that....he's just not...that... smart.  But he's thin....there is always a trade off somehow, isn't there?  I'd try his method but alas...I have no tail...and my if I tried to spin like that, I would break something...most likely a hip. 

The other thing that has changed is how I order from restaurants.  Does anyone else feel that the calorie count on the menu's has completely ruined the dining experience?  Why even go out anymore?  I am typically relegated to soup and salad if I want to stay under 500 calories.  There is really no happy medium....everything else is 1500 calories and rising.  They even force me to look at the calorie count of the free chips and salsa....Come on!  They're supposed to be free!  Beat the calories out of them if you have to....!  In the end, however, I guess informed decisions are the best.  It has changed how I look at eating out...I can no longer rationalize eating an entire days (or two!) worth of calories at one meal....I do still feel at times, however, that ignorance was spite of how it affected my pants size!

So...I still have a lot of weight to loose.   I still have my fat suit....but it is in a smaller size.  I still have the uni-leg and my knees continue to hide from me.  Overall, however...that's OK!  If I take a long time to shed my suit, maybe I'll have time to adjust to not wearing it.  And my fat suit does have some special things that  I love about it.  Some people get lost inside of theirs....mine is pretty can still see me inside of it.  Who I am is pretty much who I am at any size...a hobbit that loves to laugh!

Love to you all!