Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Big and Bulky

I'm moving to Chicago.  I'm here for a work conference and I've's a fabulous city...with amazingly tall buildings, huge stores and lots of hustle and bustle.  None of these are reasons that I want to move here.  I want to move here because I get to wear a long coat and a scarf....and I look...just like everyone else.  I'm not the fat chick when I'm out walking here...we're all fat chicks!  It's a world of solid blocks of trench coats, bulky scarfs and hats and there's not a belly button ring in sight.  I love it here!!!!

I think at some point, I'm going to save enough money to just follow winter around the planet.  When summer comes to San Diego, I'll just head to Chicago...and then maybe Alaska....anywhere that I can wear a coat!  I'll work remotely and follow the rain...and snow...and become the human form of a walrus.  Don't a famine, I bet the walrus's will survive!

Or...I could just follow a new friends example...she did this crazy diet and lost 110 pounds.  It's called the.."I just ate less" diet.  Weird, huh?  She has a great plan...she just thinks through her decisions when she eats.  Its just so out there that it just might work...I'm going to eat a bit more of my Garretts popcorn and then will make the decision to put it away, in hopes that this will be the first of a long line of decisions.   Decisions that will enable me to give up my trench coat.

Since I don't see independent wealth in my future, this may be the better option.  I am faced with decisions regarding food about....every 30 minutes...on a good day.  About every 10 seconds on a bad one.  I've already confessed that I am a complete stress eater...with a bit of Prader Willi's on the side.  On a bad day, I can down my lunch, your lunch and the leftover food from the guy at the next table.  I'll be full, mind you, but will still keep eating.  So the first decision may be to just my plate.  Or even to just one serving.  Or to just walk away if I'm not hungry.   Now...the popcorn is staring at me...but I'm walking away.

Are my hips smaller yet?

Have a good night....I'll be under the covers hiding from my popcorn!  Love to you all!