Sunday, April 18, 2010

Back from Bombeck...

I am back from the Erma Bombeck Writing Workshop. Wow...what a ride. It was three days of excitement with about 350 other writers, all working with some form of humor. Now, notice, I said it..."other writers". I'm taking the plunge and calling myself one. If I learned nothing else (and trust me, I did!), I learned that I don't have to have a book on Oprah to call myself a writer. I'm still in awe of this little step.

I met some truly amazing people. I found a bit of a twin on the first day. She and I both sat down at the same time...both a bit nervous to be journalistic virgins per say. The timing was "write" and I think I made a friend for ages to come.

I also learned that I cannot walk a straight line...fortunately. While meandering up the hallway, I mindlessly pinned some poor woman to the wall! She forgave me and sat with me at dinner. She was a fabulous dinner partner who has a wealth of very solicited advice. There was a group of woman that I have been adding to my email, Facebook, etc. All writers....all just plain good people. I'm on a high. And not like the kind from my 20's. The good kind.

Erma would be proud - this was group which seemed to hold no pretentiousness seen with other professions. Seasoned writers and newbies all interacted and I don't believe I have laughed this much...ever! I don't think you can get any better than spending three days with almost 400 people that love humor. Anyone who came in introverted (or constipated as we learned was the definition) would be unable to hide out long...there was always someone new to talk to...learn from....laugh with.

The challenge was given to write at least three times a week. I'm a bit...well..."eeek"ish right now but I'm up for the challenge. As a matter of fact, this could help my weight loss. To write, I must have material. To have material, I must get off the couch. Not a lot of funny happens while watching TV. looks like exercise is back in my schedule, if for nothing else than giving me something to laugh at. Those that have watched me exercise are already chucking. Loree has been after me to join the Three Day Breast Cancer walk. It is a great cause. While my own breasts have joined the middle aged crowd and can currently be tucked in my pants if I can't find my bra, I have a deep respect for those that have taken this journey. I recently had a student who had a double mastectomy and was in class four days later, smiling and ready to face life. Incredible woman.

I am also seriously affected by the plane seats and my size. My ride home was better. I sat with one older gentlemen on the first flight who was of average size. I can do average size. I just can't do a double of me in the same row. They really should look at weight class when they make the seating assignments.'s a size 2...she can sit next to the 2X in row 12. Seems like it would even balance out the plane better. If all the Lane Bryant shoppers end up on one side, we could feasibly just end up circling the city.

They got it right on the second flight. Average sized male, size 2 woman, size 1X woman. We all fit. Thank God, because that was the 4 1/2 hour flight. The only problem with sitting next to a size two is realizing that she could fit her entire body in one of your pants legs. I tried to keep my eyes on my book. Since she was very forgiving of my hips being slightly on her side, I forgave her for being thin. I'm sure she has other redeeming qualities.

Ok - off to rest. I have been up since 1am SD time. It's been an energizing experience but I'm feeling my mind start to wander....Squirrel! Hope you all have a great week!


  1. "...circling the city." What a great visual I got from that line! Haha!

  2. Dear Twin, I read all your blogs & I must admit I laughed hard enough to have to fight the need to pee. Fortunately, my computer is near a bathroom. I knew you were special, but now I know you are gifted. You definitely have the "write stuff". Your honesty shines. You have courage & talent. I will continue to follow your blog & look forward to sharing many laughs, tears, essays & poems. This morning's prayer is one of gratitude: thank You God for my new friend...........hugs, Cindy

  3. Wow, I am so impressed that you have a post about the conference already!!!
    And it's a good read! It's courageous to be so honest about the airline seats. They are a trial!

  4. You didn't call yourself a writer before this? Why the heck not?!? You're great, and funny! I did EBWW too, maybe we'll end up at the same table in 2012...

  5. Love the blog post - and I'm gonna follow you, fellow EB acolyte! Sorry we didn't meet up at the conference as I think there's some kindred spirit there...ah well, maybe next time.

  6. Love your humor. I so know what you are talking about as I fly alot. I think too that on flights with long lines for the bathrooms they should have separate lines for number one and number two. I always seem to wait in a line in which the "goee" has terrible constipation. What a bummer! And no offense but are those meals really adult size?
    All the best,
    Amy (an ebww participant wannabe)