Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cheese Fries

I worked at a Little League snack bar yesterday. As your wracking your brains, wondering why the mother of her last senior in high school would be at a Little League field, let me explain. We have a wonderful team mother who sets up various fund raisers for us. This is one. We work the snack bar and keep part of the proceeds. Amazingly, it was actually fun. We have a great team of parents and minimal drama. I learned that if I ever set up a fast food place, I'm offering one of kids Dads a job. He kept both windows supplied in hot dogs, chili cheese fries and pretzels with a smile on his face. When one mother requested to see the management over paying fifty cents for ice ( a LL snack bar?), he promptly took her Gatorade bottle and filled it with ice...without gloves. I was impressed. She looked....I can't really find the right word...but she went away. That was all I wanted!

Remember that old boy scout adage...Be Prepared? So truly important...especially when faced with chili cheese fries. Now, I'm not really a proponent of fast food anymore. I eat it on occasion but not even on a weekly basis. I really don't even miss it. I usually can feel my arteries clogging as I swallow. It is pretty easy to avoid since I bring my lunch every day. Except yesterday. I brought....nothing. For a six hour LL snack bar shift. I take that back...I brought a half empty bottle of water. Matt went on a Slurpee run for everyone half way through and even then, I bought a I did really well until there were three left over trays of fries. I even tried to give them to a couple of people. They didn't take them...which may give you an idea of how appetizing left over trays of fries look. But here I was, after not eating for six hours, dealing with cranky people paying for ice and many small children with handfuls of change saying "What can I get for this?" So here is my confession. I ate half of one. Not only did I eat half of one but I put cheese on it. My arteries are now slightly more closed than they were yesterday morning. If I have a heart attack tonight, please write on my gravestone "It was the fries"....after you write "she will finally be thin"...!

Funny thing is...I probably ate a total of about 10 fries. They really weren't that good. My Weight Watchers leader uses the phrase "Point Worthy". They were not. In a small way, it was a victory. Fries don't really do it for me anymore. Now, if I could only generate that feeling towards Cheesecake, chocolate and Mexican food, life would be sweet. I know I'm not there yet, though. Every morning my brother text messages me. "I love you, little sis" or "I love you like air". Ever since he discovered text messaging, we are in contact every day. This also proves to me where I'm at with food. He sends me "I love you like air." I send him "I love you like cheesecake". Putting cheesecake on same level with air may seem trivial and even silly. If you think have never been overweight and had to consider whether to eat the cheesecake or not. Good for you....(mumble, mumble).

I hit my 20 pound mark. Its still going slow. I happy about that, though. Quick weight loss has always come back to haunt me. In the form of return weight. I think when you loose it slowly, the fat doesn't realize it. When you loose it quickly, the fat goes into battle to maintain its place. I lost thirty pounds when my jaw was broken. Nothing like having your jaw banded shut to keep you from eating. Thirty pounds down in six weeks. Then they unbanded my jaw. Thirty five pounds back in two months. I speak from experience! I'll take the slow amble now. It seems to be working. If it takes a year, a year would be passing anyway. May as well look forward to a smaller 2010. Have a good day!