Thursday, August 2, 2012

I'm Still Me!

I had the funniest interaction with a student recently.  One of my male students grabbed my arm recently and stated with concern, "Mrs. Saretsky....I'm soooo worried about you!  You need to eat!  You don't need to worry about those models out there.  You just need to be you!  Just be you!"  I smiled and let him know that I was not a) trying to compete with 18 year old models or b) on a hunger strike until people began telling me I looked like an eighteen year old model.  I was still me....inside and out!   To reiterate that, I reminded him that he was late for class....something the "old un-modelesk" self would have done also!   I had a good laugh and he has moved on to other graduating and becoming a nurse.

My sons have commented that they are proud of my weight loss but still haven't adjusted to seeing me as smaller.  I reminded Tommy that I was 15 pounds lighter than my current weight when Eric and I married eleven years ago.  He replied that he just doesn't remember me that way....I've been bigger in most of his memories.  It did remind me that we all make adjustments as we change or our loved ones change.  We did, however, both decide that I am!