Thursday, April 22, 2010

Age is a State of Mind?

It has happened. I am officially old. I'm sure of it. H0w do I know that I'm old? I am making references to things that my students have no idea about. They look at me with quizzical faces thinking, "I'm sure it was that way when you went to school...but....". Take Erma Bombeck as an example. She was the sum of all wisdom when I was growing up. I enjoyed her writing from my teenage years long into adulthood. She made motherhood laughable when you felt overwhelmed or inadequate. She assured you that you were not alone in your misgivings about your offspring; she confirmed that all teenagers are actually alien beings. There is a generation now that has never read her books, her column or even knows that she existed. They get their humor about family relations from shows like South Park or Family Guy. Lord help us. Wow - that comment alone aged me about 10 years!

Aging is not all that bad to me. I have more confidence and security in myself in my 40's than I ever had in my 30's or 20's. I feel that I have earned every wrinkle, laugh line and saggy body part I'm now afflicted with. I have red hair from a box and own a Bible that an entire row at church can read from. I believe it is about 48 font. I wear glasses when doing close up work and now have a big issue with personal space. Its not that I don't want to be close to you...I just can't see you if your right in front of me.

I fell asleep last 9pm. This is coming from a woman that worked noc shifts in her 20's and double shifts most days in her 30's. Even four years ago, I was working 40 hours at Kaplan, then heading to the Hospice agency to do Telephone Triage for Friday and Saturday nights. And now I'm asleep at 9pm? Are you kidding? Whats next? Eternal rest?

I've noticed also that everyone around me looks younger. I'm convinced that Matt's last doctor in the Pediatric urgent care was only 18. I think he still had acne. My doctor was at least 21 - and he does card tricks. Matts orthopedic surgeon looks old enough to be a doctor...fortunately, since he's allowed to cut people open. (on a side note, he's phenomenal and we're fortunate to have him!)

So age is catching up to me. If Dementia is knocking at my door, age is peering in my window. I try to shoo her away but when I'm not looking, she puts AARP initiations and fliers on purchasing Burial plots in my mail. She has also done some serious damage to my mirrors as when I look in them, I can only see my mother.

So, age and I are becoming well acquainted. In the end, I'm OK with it. It could be worse...I could have a life full of regret. Instead I have memories of family, friends, tons of laughter and now....even more Erma Bombeck. In the end, Life is good at any age.'s 8:15pm. If I fall asleep in my chair, please someone wheel me back to bed.

Love to you all....

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