Sunday, September 11, 2011

Stress and the Steering Wheel

I took a little trip to Los Angeles on Thursday.  Actually, there is no true "little trip" to LA.  There is only stress filled bouts with endless traffic that bring back memories of stress filled endless bouts of traffic from when I lived in Pasadena.  To complicate matters, I woke up late.  That is....I woke up late the second time I woke up.  The first time was at 4:30am - a reasonable hour if you are planning a three hour drive.  I laid back down....for just a sec....and rewoke at 6:15am....on a day when I needed to be near the LAX at 10:00am.  With no traffic, Google maps stated that the drive would take 2 hours and 12 minutes if I used the 73 (a toll road) to avoid the 405/5 interchange.  I tried to recalculate how long it would take with traffic.....hmmmmm....2 days.  A slight exaggeration but for those that have driven there, you know it only slight.   I looked for any toll road that I could pay $100.00 and have a clear shot....apparently it does not exist. 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Eat, Pray, Study...and Eat

I am in my final week of my second to the last class of my MSN.  In two weeks, I will be in my final class.  I'm trying not to hit the celebratory wine early.  I still have several projects due including one on Tuesday. close!  I mention this only because if you have read my earlier posts, you know that I am clearly defined as a stress eater.  I was hoping to outgrow this character flaw at some point, but just like my hobbit feet, it appears to be deeply ingrained in my being.

 This is complicated by the fact that my son faulted me with the dog chewing up something in his room.  I was personally thankful that he was gnawing on something other than a fifth pair of my shoes.  I was, however, the one that left his bedroom door open.  He has a full length mirror in his room.  The one in my office must have come from a circus as it has a slight wave to the middle which makes my waist look anywhere from 5 inches to 45 feet.  Not exactly the best thing to use before leaving the house.  When I'm trying to avoid my homework, I sit in front of it and watch my face turn from conehead to microface.  (You know you would do the same thing if you had one!)  So....I borrowed Tommy's mirror and left the door open.  I found the mirror in my bedroom the following morning with a note saying "Take it!"  I'm sure he meant that in a much more giving manner than it came out!