Sunday, May 16, 2010

Legends of the Fall

Wow - i just looked at my last posting date.  I am remiss...It has been over a week ago!  I do have a wonderful excuse, however.  I'm using it for everything.  I had a medication change....which is not the actual excuse but the cause of the excuse.  The medication change made me dislike coffee....weird, huh?  I have not had any coffee since....oddly enough...the last time that I wrote.  I have been asleep since then.  I have also gained five pounds.  I don't think this one is going to last for me.  Any further weight gain, and I'm off it...I don't care what the doctor says.  I'll try acupuncture instead. 

The last two weeks have flown by.  Work was busy with students starting school, meeting with community members and overall daily work.  Oh...any my fall.  Which was not that big of a deal until you consider that I'm an overweight 46 year old woman.  I was walking in the hallway and somehow, my heel just slipped right out from under me.  Whap!  One the floor...on my butt!  Six anxious looking students running over...most likely thinking...will we need a crane to get her up again?  One brave soul reached out and said "let me help you up.." while she braced her back.  I replied..."no thanks...I think I'll stay down for a little longer."  She looked confused - how could I want to stay on the floor?  Well, during a fall, everything gets a little out of place and it takes a few moments for them to find their way back again.  I felt like my left hip was somehow sitting behind my right buttock.  After a few minutes, I got back up....on my own.  Always best...if you get up on your own, most likely your OK (Nursing 101).  I was...until the next day.

My left leg was sore for about two days after that fall.  No abrasion....just old lady sore.  Still four days later, I can still feel it.  I see heels somehow exiting my future and instead wearing beige athletic shoes with Velcro.  Shudder. 

I also had an offer from my friend to be my personal trainer.  I think I'll take her up on it.  She's a tough woman.  I may end up crying but at least I'll be thinner...and less prone to falls.  Hopefully the exercise will keep me awake also.   The staff are getting concerned at seeing my head on my desk at 2:30pm.  I keep trying to tell them that's it a new yoga pose but they aren't buying it. 

More to write later but it's time to get ready for the day.  Hope you all enjoy yours!

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  1. Good to know that now at last you completely get a rid from coffee.. because excess of everthing is bad... and through your blog you have teach us a great lesson that not to be depend on others do yopur ever work yourself wether it is hard to do but still do it... great i appriciate..