Sunday, July 5, 2009

The science of it all

Ahhh - the big weigh in today. I am down another .4 pounds. Which now leaves me with a loss of 18.4 pounds. I'll take it! Expecially the day after a holiday in which a party was involved!

Now, it is notable to mention that I lost most of my weight in the first month and a half. The last six weeks have been a series of two steps forward, one step back. If you graphed my weight loss, it would look like a mountain range, decreasing as it heads into the horizon, but definitely not a straight decline. I am beginning to see a pattern however.

There seems to be some nonsense about when I follow the plan as written, I loose weight. When I stray, I have unpredictable results. I MAY loose or I MAY not. Or I MAY gain! Hmmm. Now, it would not have taken a normal person six weeks to ascertain this. But I have a truly analytical mind. I need data. At least six weeks of it. Now, to continue in true scientific data collection, I should try six weeks of following the plan completely. If I start to loose dramatically, will I look back and wish I would have used the previous six weeks in a better manner? Nope. I tend to learn the hard way. I have accepted it. I have the scars to prove it. At five, I learned to not bother a dog while eating. How did I learn this? By trying to hug a dog right after his dog chow was pored. Blood everywhere. Screaming mother. A cousin yelling "the dog bit Sheri's eye out!" But learn I did and I have never repeated that error. Funny what barred teeth do to your memory. I remember this dog being huge! At least a German Shepherd. Only years later did I learn that it was a Dachshund. Stop laughing. It was a Dachshund with a very large mouth.

I learned the hard way not to make comments about my husbands driving. The same day that I made some remark about his driving like an old man, I rear ended someone in front of my work. Embarrassing. Even worse was that when he looked at my license, he said "Saretsky... I know a Saretsky. Do you know Eric?" Oh, yes. Do I know Eric. At dinner that night, I started out with...."Hey, I ran into your friend Jim today."

So...I am a "hard way" learner. But learn I do. I have about sixty pounds left to go. Yes, its true. I need to loose the equivalent of a small child. (One of the few times that I actually wish I was pregnant and I just needed to wait nine months!) I'm thinking its time to stop the "hard way" and just go with what works. I have stocked my freezer today with Smart Ones for lunch at work. I have committed to eating my five fruits and veggies every day and also purchased a case of water. Here we go. I'm hoping to pick up speed from here. I would love to give up the mountain range and just go for a ramp. Keep me in your thoughts. I would love for this to be the only time that I need to be reminded to just follow the plan. Maybe I could get out that swim suit before 2011!


  1. bricka bracka firecracker zis boom bah go sheri go sheri rah rah rah !!! Just being your cheerleader

  2. follow the plan and it works? SHOCKING!!!! :-D

    **shaking my pompons**


    Eat those fruits & veggies. Be strong! Don't lose the hard way. ***woohoo*** You can do it!