Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Life beyond the candy dish

I have a candy dish on my desk in my office. It is full of various types of chocolate - Kit Kats, Take 5, Hershey bars, etc. I keep it pretty full - I've read that chocolate can boost serotonin levels. This seems to help when a hostile student walks in and wants to vent. They start with "Mrs. Saretsky - I am unhappy because of....." I say "have a piece of chocolate." Now we are friends. I am no longer the enemy but someone to help them work through their issue. Serotonin is a powerful thing. It was either keep the chocolate or find a way to put Paxil in the water. There were certain legalities involved with that one.

Pre Weight Watchers, I was boosting my own Serotonin levels. On stressful days, my hand was in that jar as many as fifteen times. Since starting WW, I have not touched the jar other than to fill it. Its almost a superstition now. I can't have one...no...not even one. I'm not afraid of the calories. I'm afraid that if I start, my cravings will take over and my staff will find me on the floor surrounded by paper wrappers. With the jar stuck on my head. Have you seen "Chocolate" the movie? If not...please do. You will understand my fear.

Do I miss the chocolate? Nahhh - I grab a Fiber One bar. Same taste but with 9 grams of Fiber. Should I spend some time discussing the benefits of Fiber? Lets just say...it is helpful with weight loss. You put that together however it works for you. For me, its worth not digging into the jar. I feel a sense of control.

Now...If I could only get the same control over my Starbucks addiction, I could be on to something. I told my staff that I am giving up coffee next week. They all asked me to take the week off. If you don't hear from me next week, it's because I am holding my head in my hands, and rocking in fetal position. If you have ever given up caffeine, you know the pain I am about to endure. We'll see how it goes. Someone guard the candy dish....I feel a need for Serotonin coming.

Have a good night!


  1. You aren't starting the no-coffee thing until MONDAY, right? ;-)

  2. Read above..I've reconsidered! I'll be fully caffeinated at WW on Sunday!