Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Would you like a towel?

I'm making the gym.  Not with my weight...oh no, that has not budged.  But with my confidence level.  Today, my friend Joy wasn't there and I actually spoke to someone else.  This may not seem like a big deal but it was a huge accomplishment for me.  You have to understand that I feel incredibly out of place at the one of the unpopular kids that finds herself at a cheerleaders party because your Mom's know each other.  I go...I work out...but I pretty much stick to myself if Joy isn't there. 

Today, after working out, two women were discussing the Kick Boxing class.  Now, I am an old TaiBo fan - I love to kick things (Remember, I have three boys!).  This sounded finally I spoke. 
"hmmmm - is the class very advanced?  I mean, could a beginner keep up?"
"It's pretty hard", she replied, "but you should try could always modify it.". 
We continued to talk about the class until another woman joined in and convinced me to go tomorrow.  She was my size so I had an immediate trust in her. 

And....the first woman was buck naked.  Well, she wasn't buck naked when we started talking....but she stripped completely down in a period of two sentences, the whole time looking me right in the eye.  I felt like a was playing some weird game of strip poker...and I was frantically trying to get rid of all of my aces.  This was not a game that I wanted to win!  What made this even more uncomfortable was that this woman has been the recipient of some plastic the chest area...and they were very.....hmmmm.... perky.    I'm sure that she thought I had some impairment since I was literally staring into her eyes...anywhere else held visuals that I don't have of my best friends.  I tried to close up the conversation quickly since she seemed in no hurry to a)grab a towel or b) head to the shower.  When she did head to shower, it was still sans towel....she just casually walked with her naked self across the bathroom and stepped into a stall.  I guess I'm glad for her that she is that comfortable with herself....she just hasn't realized that we are not quite that comfortable with herself...

In spite of the interesting delivery of information, I am glad that I asked.  I plan on doing some imaginary butt kicking tomorrow in the kick boxing class.  Hopefully I will not end up on my rear.  Hopefully, my new friend will feel the need to do another workout afterward so we don't bump into each other in the locker room again.  I'm not thinking that this will happen since she seems to have a similar work schedule to mine and Joys.  Lucky us.....

I'll let you know how it goes...Hopefully, I will come out unscathed...and will find a way to avoid gaining any more "knowledge" of my fellow gym members.  I'm sure they are all nice....I just want them to be nice with clothes on!  Hope you have a great day!

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