Saturday, January 23, 2010

If you see me coughing....

It's happened. I am officially in the "if you don't loose weight, bad things Will happen" category. I started feeling light headed this week and went to the MD. My assistant walked me the rain...and refused to let me back in until I went to the MD. That girl has much to much power. I'll have to think on that when this lightheadedness goes away.

I have, unfortunately, a horrible family history. My father has had a triple bypass and my mother passed away from stroke related issues. Genetically, I hit the cardiovascular lottery. Not the good one...The MD that I saw this week was a true delight, however. He has been my GP for two years now. We had never met, which may tell you how often I go to the doctor. He was a young Asian man that does card tricks. And will explain to you about the most common side effects to your medication options. I had a choice of low heart rate, frequent urination (which I must say I already have!), sexual dysfunction or cough. I chose cough. If we are having a conversation and I seem to be coughing frequently, it is because I still wanted my heart beating, didn't want to have to interrupt to pee and know. Nuff said. I had to laugh when he explained about the low heart rate making it difficult to exercise. I responded that I truly didn't need anything to help me "not" exercise. I had that down pretty well.

When I first came in, the nurse asked me to step on the scale. I assured her that this would not bring my blood pressure down. She insisted. It was ugly. I have gained 10 pounds. Then she took my blood pressure. Amazingly it was still high. I think it may be the scale. They scare me.

So....what is the point of this? I am enlisting my friends. If you see me with an ice cream, chocolate or hmmmm... a peanut butter ball, you have every right to tackle me to the ground and call me an idiot. I will then cough in your face but will appreciate your love and affection for me. Time to get serious. Loree is picking me up for Yoga. I once again will begin forcing my apple shape to become a tree...or a crane...or a downward dog. It's not pretty but it's time.

Love to you all!

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  1. Sweet Sheri, I about wrote a long chapter in response to this. That's bad form on someone else's blog, though, so let me just say this:

    1) You can do it. Only you can do it. Only you can stop you.

    2) Your assistant deserves a raise. At least pass along a big hug and "thank you" from me.