Sunday, January 24, 2010

Comfortable with Corpse pose

So....I started my exercise regimen. I began with yoga on Saturday. Mind you, this was a one and one-half hour class. With a woman that looks like mother earth in spandex. I twisted my body into many different positions that I didn't think I could achieve. One position was on hands and knees with my left foot and right hand meeting over my back. Please, try to picture that on a normal person, rather than on me. Another position is where you spread your legs and try to put your head on the floor. My least favorite is the crazy number of leg lifts that this instructor favors. I feel my abdomen. It is underneath about twenty pounds of fat but I feel it stirring....and in pain. Now, let me tell you that i have been unnaturally tired lately. This is not a good combination with yoga. Especially when they turn off the lights for Shavasana or corpse pose. I fell asleep....and not quietly, from what Loree told me. In a room of very quiet corpses, I was the only one snoring. I will need to find another yoga class.

About a month ago, I bought the Sketcher Shape Up shoes. Loree now says that I should be their spokesperson. I have fallen in love with this incredibly odd looking footwear. My son says that look like Buzz Lightyear shoes. I don't care. I love them. More than I love him. (just kidding, Tommy. I love you both equally). I found a new use for them today.

I go to a very racially diverse church. We no longer look at each other as culturally different. Today a line was drawn that segregated us, no matter how hard we have tried to fight it. We have been separated into....those that can dance and those that can't. During one upbeat song, we were challenged to sway with the music. Guess what happens when you put on shoes with a rounded bottom. You can sway. You can sway in time to the music. Yes its my new tennis shoes, I can forgo my Kentucky heritage. I can...using the term Again...I will ask that you get the visual without me in mind. I don't' even want to see myself dancing. Thankfully, there were no mirrors. Especially since we were swaying, singing, clapping and even stomping at one point in the song. I stopped at the swaying, singing and clapping. I didn't want to push my luck and end up on my butt. God is good. He give us wisdom to know our limitations.

A new week is starting. Have you noticed that diets always start on Mondays. Tomorrow, I will jump in head first to getting back on track. Say a prayer for me. I love food. I don't enjoy exercise. Pray for my mind to get those sentiments swapped. I'd like to see my grandchildren when they are born. I'd like to take them to Yoga with me so we can nap together.

Have a good night everyone - Monday is coming!

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  1. Snoring FTW! I get a good heart-warming laugh every time I read your new blog entries. Great work, cuz. I'm very proud of you.

    I will certainly pray that you develop more accurate associations with bad food and good exercise (something I need to work on myself). It's a shame their immediate sensation is so contradictory to their long-term effect. It's not easy to get the mind to look beyond that immediate sensation.