Monday, August 15, 2011

Who Are All These People?

I have officially lived through another high school reunion....and am starting to wonder if I was actually home schooled and just forgot.  To borrow a friends comment -"I didn't 'feel' unpopular when I was in high school, but.....".  Now, I should mention that my graduating class had about 1000 kids in it.  That fact should make me feel one could know our entire graduating class.  But you would think that I would know....say....10 people?  I think that was about it, or so  it felt.  What complicated the evening is that most of the group of kids that I hung out with didn't show....there was only me and my best friend in high school there to represent our, from what I have memories of, very close knit group.  The rest of the people were a little fuzzy to me. 

Now the evening started with a slight bit of wardrobe malfunction.  I was wearing my tribal tunic and black pants only to realize top is a little lower cut than I normally would wear.  I think I would have ventured out anyway had my son not said "Wow, Mom....planning on shaking hands with those things?"   I ran to the bedroom for a black cami and discovered that the only cami I could find had an embroidered design on the chest.  Now I was no longer low cut....but sort of lumpy...again, not the look I was going for.  This prompted an emergency phone call to Loree for a black cami.....You may be unaware that Loree is a bit more petite than I am....I don't know if her cami will ever be the same; I think I may have to buy her a new one.   I was more comfortable, however, and ventured off to Torrey Pines.

I had managed to get several things done during a jam packed move a truck load of concrete blocks from the backyard, fit in a Scrabble game with my dad, get my toes and fingernails done.....but I did miss out on getting my car washed.  I pulled into Torrey Pines Hilton driving my incredible dirty (remember, I live in a construction zone right now!) 2005 Honda Civic feeling like a teenage kid driving her parents beater car.  I was happy to see a white mini van in front of me looking like they were building a retaining wall also....

I found my friend Cheri and we walked into the reception area.  A bit of history....I have been to three high school reunions now.  My ten year reunion found me a few weeks after splitting up with my husband, unemployed, just having discovered that I was pregnant (surprise!) with my third child and on welfare.  Do I need to explain why I felt the need to attend the 20 year?  I did feel a need to state that I was not sucking the California budget dry and was self supporting.   The 30 year was more of an optional activity for me but Cheri assured me that we would go together, so I decided to go.  I think I had blocked out what I was already realizing at the 20 year....that I didn't really know that many people.  I did also realize, however, that I am a people watcher at heart and this was yet another opportunity to sit quietly and take in the action around me.
Overall, the night was fun...and interesting.  The first person that came up to us made it extremely clear that she had no memory of me but did somewhat remember Cheri.  This stung a bit since I did remember her...or so I thought.   After looking in the yearbook, I was confusing her with another girl with the same last name....turns out I didn't know her either!  I did, however, meet up with about five people who did remember me and I remembered them...always a good combination.

Can you find me?
I sat with one woman for a few minutes who thought that I must be a spouse since I was sitting alone, seemingly completely friendless.  I assured her that my friends had just left to get drinks....or something....Hey...where did those guys go?   During the conversation, we discovered that we had both been on the Drill Team (I know...I know...cheerleading for fat son already told me!) at the same time.  I couldn't place her and it was obvious that she was having the same memory lapse.  I hit up my yearbooks today.  In the Drill Team pictures,!  Please note that Patrick Henry also seemed to intentionally make us as ugly as possible - we marched in wool green dresses, knee high lace up boots and "patriot" curls.  Its a wonder that any of us ever did get a date!

I did run into an old boyfriend....I believe he was about the overall nicest guy that I knew in high school.  He is now a successful business owner in San Diego.  It was good to see him as it did validate that I had some sort of social life in high school! 

My son and I sat with his friends and looked through my old yearbooks.  Apparently I did have friends....and a whole lot of people that wrote...."I wish I would have gotten to know you better because you seem really nice".  I'm starting to think that I truly was Romie or Michelle - not realizing that everyone was pointing and staring during my three years and I was just oblivious to it!  Now, I did have the last name of Pugh (pronounced like a church Pew) which did open up some teenage torture opportunities but it all seemed pretty good natured at the time.  Little did I know.....

Drama Production - I don't think I look like an outcast!
I left after about three hours and drove home, reflecting on my high school experience.  I actually had a blast and was in the middle class group - not with the popular kids but not hanging out in the smoking section getting stoned.  I was on Drill Team for 10th grade, Drama Production for 11th grade and worked after school in my senior year.  I had a group of about twelve good friends that accompanied me to Farrells Ice Cream Parlor, House of Ice Skating Rink and Dairy Queen at lunch.  Some of us still get together about twice a year...or whenever we remember that we are all still friends.  The other thing that I remember is that we really didn't have the "Mean Girls" type of popular group.   All the kids were pretty nice to everyone....or I may have just blocked that out, I guess.

Proof that I did have some friends!
Am I glad to not be a teenager anymore? bet!  I was very insecure in my saddle seat dittos (you will only know what they are if your over 40) that was covered up with my even then, quirky sense of humor.  I think I like life better in my 40's.   First, I don't have to wear pants that have a seam running up and over my rear and I was able to give up on buying the "in" fashions about the same time that my knees disappeared.  I've decided that being 50 must be even more liberating since you are suddenly allowed to wear purple hats everywhere.  The one thing that I do miss from seeing these pictures is a waist - I do remember enjoying having one.

Now my last picture is of me but that is not who I really want you to focus on.  Please focus on the guy standing.....behind me...and to the right.  Anyone remember OP shorts?'s the late 70's and early 80's, it was the guys that were wearing short-shorts.  Yet another fad that I am happy to be without. 
Hope you all have a great night!


  1. This blog really brought a smile to my face. Funny as usual. Don't forget the slightly older friends you had and still have by being my tag along little sister. Love you sis.

  2. It sounds like you had a good time under the circumstances. :)

    I missed my 10 year reunion. And the 20 year, too. Also the 30. I figure if I'm not dead, I'll miss the 40th. Actually, I guess I'll miss it even if I am dead.

    I didn't like those people when I was stuck with them in school. I don't like them now. I am actually in touch with the few who meant anything to me. The rest can drop off the face of the earth.

  3. Soul sisters again. Our class wasn't as big, though. Laughed out loud at your comment about your car--SO FUNNY. I'm *dreading* my 30 year reunion coming up in 2 years--we all looked pretty old, bald and fat at the 25 year!