Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gimme the Easy Button!

Five weeks have passed since my last post.  Enough time has passed for me to have yet another paper due...the paper related to my last post.  You know, the one about my fabulous weight loss....or lack of, as it seems.  Have I mentioned that I'm a stress eater?  Have I also mentioned that I'm in two classes, one of which is Nursing Research?  The Nursing Research class requires me to find two research articles a week, critique them and add an amazingly brilliant comment to six classmates posts.  My other class is a Community Health class - this would be the one that I wrote my weight loss paper for.  Now....I am supposed to write a synopsis of my past four weeks...and how I did on my goals....  I'm not sure if I go with an honest "I stink and will be fat forever" or something more like "I realized that my goals were very ambitious and chose to rewrite them to state that I will do a daily search of the most successful appetite suppressant" which I must add.... I would have met!

It's funny how we all want an easy pill...something akin to the easy button!  I wrote in a post today that if we could liquefy motivation and put it in a capsule, we would be rich!  Take a pill and you will suddenly be self-disciplined and able to make any change that you desire!  Hand it over, bud....I'll pay a months salary for it!  But the pills that I researched all came with either horrible side effects (think....Anal leakage!) or a list of reviews telling how much money they had lost on an ineffective product!  Regardless of what products abound, motivation still must come from within.  Mine is buried deep inside me...somewhere under a chocolate cookie and Taco Bell burrito, I'm sure. 

Tommy has decided that we should do P90X.  According to the infomercial, in 90 days I will have the cut, hard body of a 20 year old.  Apparently this product effects gravity and time travel!  Unfortunately, in my 20's, I was not a hard body....I was more of a fluffy body.  Not fat by any means but more voluptuous and curvy.  I am still voluptuous and curvy...or is it more....bumpy?  I went from curvy in the right places to where in the heck did that roll come from?  Soooo....with P90X, I will loose my 20 excess curves and become fit, healthy and slim.  Ahhh...then comes the know there always is one!  I have to actually do the exercises....not just watch the video...Not looking as likely!

I am continuing my training for the 3Day walk although I need to kick it up a notch.  I'm heading out today to buy some new shoes....I have learned that you don't go cheap when you're walking 60 miles.  Cheap shoes do many blisters and painful feet make.  I am also continuing with my fundraising which I think is part of my eating issues.  I've never been good at asking for money regardless of the cause.    So, I throw it out, get no response and eat a cookie.  Apparently, now my weight issues are the fault of Susan G Komen.  And we all thought she was this incredible, intelligent women that has raised awareness and funds for an incredibly worthy cause...

So what are your thoughts?  What has worked for you?  I no longer trust Internet reviews as for every negative review, there is a product developer writing a positive one right underneath!  I you!  Since I can't find the Easy Button, help me find the "with some effort, it may work" button.  I know that I have it in me somewhere....I have been here before and temporarily conquered the fat women inside me.  My thin person has seen the light of day at least three times in the past ten years....before my fat side swallowed her up again.  She's in there....I need to get her out before she disappears all together!  Life is good....fat or thin...but in the end, I'd rather be thin!  

Love to you all!


  1. Hey sister! As you know I joined your efforts on your last post. I am still status quo as well. I have done my workouts, however I eliminated my home workouts and just do two to three at the gym a week. It boils down to what we know to be so true, calorie intake, exercise combined, and prayer! I have an idea though. Sherri if you're like me, I crave carbs and from there I go to sugar. Days are clean eating for me, but nights are the worst, I end up finding cookies, snack on. And, if I happen to choose to do a bread in the morning, I want sugar following that. Cleaning out my system helps, so I am going to go on a couple day fast and just juice, veggies and fruit. 3 days of that should cut the carb habit for me enough to gain the strength and motivation I need to eat clean and hit the gym, making a definite difference on my fat vs. muscle. From there the pounds will drop. It's 80% food we eat and 20% exercise that does it, but I'll add 100% mindset and the only way I have ever found to change that is to release it to the Lord in prayer and ask Him for help.

    Lifestyle change according to Val :) Love you too!

  2. Hey!! Welcome back! I've been anxious to hear how you were doing. Alas--my friend, it does have to come from within. Same issues here in WI, I'm afraid. Stress, boredom, wanting to be filled up with love (i.e. chocolate). I like your idea to blame Susan G. Komen--makes as much sense as anything. Best of luck! Funny post by the way!!!

  3. ASAP- Always Say a Prayer... pray when you need motivation to walk, pray when you need will power to not eat. Pray continually. We can't do it alone, but we are Powered by Prayer.

  4. Hi Cuz, I did Lindora this year and lost 45 lbs. Not bad, eh? I ended my time there in June and have put back on about 5 lbs, but I am still in the smaller clothes so I am not freaking out yet. I don't miss the rigid control, but I know I do well with the external discipline and have been going bck to some of the Lindora principals to keep myself in check. Love you!