Monday, September 6, 2010

My worlds collide....

I have my life very compartmentalized.  I have my never ending struggle with my body.  It's all very separate....until now.   One of my classes is Health Promotion and Disease Prevention in a Diverse Community.  I am on Unit 2 and apparently the Diverse Community   My paper that is due tomorrow requires me to make a Wellness contract outlining some health issue that I am promising to change in the next four weeks. know me....what the heck else could I choose?  You got it....I chose my weight.  Why not...I'm an expert in how to discuss...write about...and contemplate weight loss.  Now apparently my instructor would like me to go to the next know....actually loose some weight.  Is there a grade on this?

I needed to have my Contract signed by someone....I chose my husband.  Why not?  He has seen my unclothed...there is no hiding my weight problem from him.  I do appreciate that he only let a small smirk show while he signed the contract.   He then turned around and didn't man.  I believe that part of his smirk relates to his knowing my type A personality with school and my Type D personality with my weight loss.  I think he backed up to avoid getting caught up in the implosion.

How does my work become involved?   I have been hit and miss at the gym the last few weeks.  I work out with Joy when I'm there - she is my own personal trainer....and personal motivator.  No more hit and miss now....I have to be there.  Again...there may be a grade on the line!  Wow...I should have thought of this earlier.  Joy is great at pushing me when I need it.  I will also need to up my walking from my weekend walks to more during the week.  Hey...I may need to take a vacation since I don't see any time to work fitting in here!

So....I will let you know how it goes.  I'm going back to what has worked before....Weight Watchers.  I have the point system and know my goal.  I have to keep a goal diary for four weeks.  It would be quite lovely if I could actually keep it up for....say....the next four years instead....or the next forty if I live that long.  I know I need lifelong changes.  Forgo the snackage.  See food as a means of survival rather than a comforting friend in times of stress.  It really is pretty two faced as a friend anyway....when I'm not looking, it hits me in the pants size.  Not a sign of a good friend. 

I'll check in next week and let you know how its going.   I'll be praying to convert my weight loss personality into a type A....there has to be a reset button on me somewhere.  It's time I find it. 


  1. Hey! I am WITH you! You can do it. After about a week of being good you'll feel lots better and get more motivated. Your husband and mine have a lot in common, it seems. ;-)

  2. We have a common challenge. We both have a personal trainer. We both eat for the same reasons. I'll cover you in prayer, will you do the same for me. You can do it! You've done it before very successfully. And you're right it has to be a lifestyle change.

    Love you!


  3. Heidi's right. This may help you renew your gym habit. Go Type A Girl!

  4. I promise to keep praying for you, and am willing to walk any evening. I need to step up my walking, too, having taken it a bit too easy this weekend. Loved the line about food kicking you in the pants size! I relate to that!
    Love you whatever your size,

  5. Find a physical activity that is not a chore to you as the gym sounds more like a chore and chores are something that can easily be avoided. Walking is also a chore and boring after awhile, who wants to see that same street day after day? Or for that matter the same beach or beautiful European countryside. Deliberate exercise is only a feasible match for the naturally athletic who are committed to a sport on the competitive level, those with a psychological disorder, celebrities that aren’t busy educating or saving lives fulltime or those with a multimillion dollar contract with Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers or Subway.

    I have it! Volunteer for the San Diego Sheriffs Search and Rescue Team. You will get physical fitness training and rather than wasting time in a gym while people need rescuing; You will be fit and saving lives. Wouldn’t you rather convert the energy you spend on fretting about your weight into quality time with your____________ fill in the blank. (Examples: Husband, child, students, friends, pet or studies)

    By Bonni, I had trouble logging in as my self.