Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Candy is sweet....but victory is sweeter!

Victory!!!!  Victory is mine...I did the Kick Boxing class again and did not...a) pass out, b) throw up or c) leave at the 30 minute mark.  Joy and I did leave a few minutes early but only to get ready for work.  I believe I actually had an asthma attack with an audible wheeze at some point , but the music was so loud that I figured that no one could hear me anyway.  Actually, at one point, I couldn't tell if I was getting my beat from the bass in the music or from my carotid arteries pounding in my ears.  I believe I actually went past "red faced" and reached a new shade of periwinkle...red from the blood pounding in my head and blue from the fact that I was still getting no oxygen in.  Joy came over twice to whisper.."are you OK?"  I smiled and gasped...."Yeah...great....why?"  It may have been the fact that those three words took about 3 minutes and several gasps of air each to get out.  But who cares.......I didn't leave!!!!!!!!!

I still believe that the teacher is some form of animal.  She asked us twice to try to kick her as she walked by.  "Kick with force...try to get me in the head when I come by...."   I can kick high.  It was tempting.  She was very encouraging as she passed though and even waved when we left.  I think she was relieved.  She looked a little disturbed when she first came in like she was thinking....great, the wimpy fat girl is back.  I felt a little more respected when I left.  My kicks may not have been as high and I may have been jabbing when others were upper cutting but overall, I was moving....fast....hard....blue...but still....moving! 

Have you ever seen the Nutrigrain commercial in which the woman grabs a breakfast bar instead of a donut and this spurs on a full day of good choices?  I won't say that I made every great choice today but I did not hit the candy jar even once.  Nope.....I was not going to waste one back kick....one upper jab or one step of that infernal jump rope on refined sweets.  I needed to prove something to myself today.  It worked....I was on a high all day.  It took about two hours for my face to return to normal...I was walking around looking like a radiation victim for quite a while.  Again....who cares!!!!  I didn't leave!!!!!!

Soooo.....I will be heading for bed in a few minutes so that I can resume my healthy habit of waking at 4am and hitting the gym at 5am.  I feel good today....I had a brief glimpse of why people can get addicted to exercise.  I don't really think it's that actual exercise that does it....it's making it to the end and saying...Hey!  I did it!  So while this may seem like a very small accomplishment....I will relish it and let it carry me through to another day...and another.  Life is good.....

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  1. THAT was FUNNY!!! OMG--we are so related. My face always looks "worrisome" when I exercise and people are always asking me if I'm alright(I should really look in the mirror). LOL at instructor being animal. Funny.