Sunday, May 20, 2012

Climbing up Coronado

Each year for one day, foot traffic is allowed on the Coronado Bridge.  Today was the day for 2012.  Each year the San Diego Navy MWR (Morale, Welfare and Recreation) sponsors a race that takes participants from the San Diego Convention Center to Tidelands Park with some of the best views of the city atop the Coronado Bridge.  Eric and I have participated three times.  Each time is yet another great experience.  It is also for a good cause as it helps fund the MWR, which supports the off duty activities for our Navy personnel.

This four mile walk (each year I run about a total of about....hmmmm...six minutes) allows for great scenery,  camaraderie and a chance to see young families working together.  Many young Moms and Dads are running along side children of all ages.  Very cool.  (Makes me wish I had exercised with my kids rather than just watching from the sidelines!  I truly was the athletic supporter rather than the athlete!)

Eric and I walked most of the way with taking short sprints just to break out of the crowd.  I think it always surprises people to see me run at all...I am not a gazelle....much more like a rhino running.  It's not pretty, I've been a manner that I'm sure came from a good place (?).  We did have to run a few times, however, to avoid the women with the wild arm swing....she came close to making Eric hit a falsetto.  We also ran to get in front of a woman who, in spite of having my body, opted to wear a very short walking skirt that allowed us all to witness her thighs battle each other for space.   It was not pretty.  It also reminded me that my knee length walking shorts were a good idea.

We were not actually racing to get across the bridge but did try to keep up a good pace.  This is difficult when walking with 12,000 people.  Some amble...some carry on in depth conversations....and the runners dodge in and out of the rest of us trying to hit their stride.  Apparently when you are a seasoned runner, you become quit agile...sometimes trying to call out "on your right" only to find the person on your left moving over.  I was surprised that I never saw any verbal altercations or more irritation.  Everyone remarkably seemed to get along on the trip.

Now, while we weren't running a race,  I do have to mention that one woman in particular put us to shame.  She ran past us right at the top of the bridge.  She was about 60 years old (or older)....and....blind.   Yes, it's true, we were moving so slow that a legally blind senior passed us. She is my hero.  She ran while putting her hand on the divider and holding her white cane.  A runner in front of her cleared the path.

We finished the four miles in one hour and 7 minutes.  The fastest woman in my age group (45-49) ran it in 26 minutes.  I'm OK with this.  Maybe next year I'll try a very short running skirt...with a blindfold.  I better start training now.   Anyone up for a run?

Love to you all!


  1. What a terrific opportunity, battling thighs omitted! And you were walking pretty fast there, woman! So happy to know you had fun!

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun and proves that you can find humor anywhere!

  3. I laughed out loud at yours too! Thighs battling each other for space--LOL! Knee length short? LOL Also laughed at being passed by a blind senior citizen. BUT HEY--you're DOING it. Excellent job. And excellent job on your story. You may have inspired me (we'll see what happens after my next snack. ;-))