Sunday, January 22, 2012

Way back when I used to be cute...

My workplace was recently redecorated...painted, new flooring, new artwork...the works.  As with any redecorating project, it began with lots and lots of packing.  The entire school was alternately packing and unpacking...moving boxes from this room to that room....all while continuing to take care of our ample student population.  I moved my boxes seemed easier to keep control.  It also allowed me a chance to go through my decorations and do some redecorating of my own.  Out came a variety of "new" family pictures to share with any unsuspecting person entering my office.

As I had never brought wedding pictures into my office, it seemed time to do so.  Everyone has met my a matter of fact, most of the staff remind me that if we ever split up, it would likely be my fault since he is a saint and I can be a bit cranky at times.  Noted. pictures up.  Little did I know what type of comments they would spark. 

"This is you?"  "Yep...on my wedding day."  " long ago was that?"  "Eleven years ago."  "You looked reallllllllllllllllly different then (emphasis on reallllllllllllllllllyyyyy)!"  "Ummmmmm.....thanks?" 

I would have just let that go had it not happened not once....not twice....but three times!  Three times, I've been reminded that I looked reallllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyy different eleven years ago.  You know...back when I was cute.  I mentioned this to another friend.  She replied...."you're still cute".  Yes, I suppose, if I'm shooting for that ten year old boy with a space between his teeth kind of cute.  I'm actually shooting for something a bit more gender and age appropriate however. 

Now the difference could be attributed to the fact that I was fifty pounds lighter then....and most of my body parts were in the right place.  Now they all meet on the floor and I have to have to reposition them when I get dressed...Spanx is my version of a play dough mold.   Or it might be that it was pre-braces, the infamous overcorrection of my jaw and the resulting gap toothed smile.  Or it could just be that it was before my boys hit their teenage years and stole any remaining cuteness I had left.  I developed most of my facial wrinkles from yelling at Tommy to get up in the morning.  The rest were from squinting my eyes closed when Matt was jumping his skateboard off a ramp...the roof...or a long flight of stairs.  Chris gave me the least amount of wrinkles but only because he was so quiet that I never knew what he was really doing.  This picture is several years old but the last known picture that I have of them together!

I do miss being cute but all in all, I have developed other attributes.  No...not those attributes!  It would take some serious surgery to get those babies back to being cute again!  Most people find me fairly intelligent, somewhat humerus and don't seem to fake talking on their cell phone when I start a conversation.  My kids seem to still like me and my husband hasn't asked for separate bedrooms.  I guess there are other things besides being cute.  Wow...I feel like I'm giving myself the "You is smart...You is kind...You is important" talk that Aibileen gives Mae Mobely in The Help.   Regardless, I guess not being cute is not the same as being asked to place a bag over your head....hmmm....or is that what their really saying?

Life goes on.  Cuteness fades.   Body part plunge downwards and wrinkles evolve into caverns.  But what really matters is the love that we have for each other.  Who am I kidding....anyone know a good plastic surgeon?

Love to you all!

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  1. I don't know how I keep missing your posts. I LAUGHED OUT loud many times, but especially at the body parts in the right places line--also the "REALLLLY" different comments. They means well, don't they? Can't WAIT to meet you in person at EBWW--we are truly sisters.