Thursday, November 25, 2010

Day Three - I Can't Believe I Walked the Whole Thing!

Day Three began at 5am from our warm hotel beds.  We started with inspection of our feet and prep for another day of walking.  One of my staff members had supplied me with what turned into the perfect blister guards....nipple shields.  Cut up and placed on the blister, they provided a waxy barrier when wrapped with Tegaderm.  I wrapped my left foot and Loree's more damaged foot and then we both worked on our opposite feet.  I had developed a blister running across the ball of my right foot, under my toes.  I used a blister bandage, and then a regular bandage and we both finished up our feet duct tape.  We have developed more uses for duct tape than I could ever imagine....Socks, shoes and we were ready to go!

Eric picked us up at 6am and we were off to the camp.  I headed over to help Cyndi pack up while everyone else headed to the breakfast tent.  Cyndi and I  joined and we were soon on the road walking out of the camp.  Sunday turned into the day that we spent the most time together as a team.  We stuck together for the most part and all kept a watchful eye on each other.  We nursed bad knees, blisters and some just plain awkward gaits at times...but we kept on walking.  We were treated to a group of Stalkers making a human bridge for us to walk under.  We waited for one of our party to run to the restroom off the beaten path and were able to witness a group of the PD, walkers and stalkers all dancing together....To the the the right....Very cool!

Sunday was a time to look up and take notice of the single file line going over the bridge of the Spillway - pink abounded. It was still raining but after our second day, this seemed like a breeze.   When we reached Old Town, the rain stopped and one restaurant was passing out Quesadillas.  I don't think I've ever had one taste so good!  One more pit stop at the bottom of Juan Street and we were soon heading uphill again.  Poor Cyndi had to witness my bobbing again at the bottom of the hill.....Can we leave about now...are you ready now?  There was a hill to conquer!  She, of course, was actually being a good nurse and trying to talk a fellow walker into hitting the medical tent.  I didn't actually see the injury...just the bloody gauze next to her foot.  The walker was adamant that she was good so off we went.....

Here we go again....walk and wheeze....up the hill....for the delightful surprise of chips and salsa at the top.  Have I mentioned that there is evidently no way to loose weight on this walk?   I think I gained four pounds! We headed from Old Town towards Balboa Park.  Loree jumped on a Sweep Van a few miles from lunch to have her knee wrapped - little did she know that she was going to tour the entire walk before they dropped her off!  She did make it ahead of us, fortunately, and was walking better when we arrived. 

And then....the rain came again.  We headed out once more towards Downtown knowing that there was only three miles left.   We had a little setback when a walker tried to go around several of us and jump back onto the path - she slipped and came down on her face right in front of us.   I did confirm that none of us tripped her - I promise this was not due to my impatience!  (Although I really couldn't feel my feet at that point so....).  We helped her up to see that she had a split lip - not a ton of blood but we all knew that she had hit hard.  We tried to talk her into sitting down but to no avail.   She clearly stated that she just wanted ice and needed to keep this point, who's going to stop?

 Eric was already on the path at that point and I know Loree and Stacy's families were close by.  We seemed to walk quicker knowing that the end was coming.  The only downside of walking Downtown is the stopping at almost every street corner to allow for traffic.  Once again, however, Komen was well prepared with crossing guards and PD ensuring that everyone was safe.  Cyndi became lost in thought at one point and walked right into the arms of a Police Officer as he kept her from stepping into the street.   Looked like a good hug!  As closing ceremonies were not starting until 4pm, we hit up the first Starbucks that we saw (along with about 50 other walkers!) and tasted marvelous! 

We were able to find Eric, and Loree's kids on the way in.  Loree was in tears as her kids gave her flowers and told them how proud they were of her.  We were all pretty proud of ourselves!  We walked into the holding area doing high fives with a line of hundreds of other walkers, grabbed our shirts and waited for the ceremony to begin.  As we walked in together, amongst cheers and hugs, my favorite moment was when the survivors walked in.   Gloria, our team captain and the one who started this all for us, was wearing her pink survivor shirt among a group of about a hundred others.  As tradition would dictate, we all removed one shoe and held it in the air to welcome them in....

The walk was finished.  Everyone found their loved ones and we headed out  to our car.  Goria and I warily looked at the three flights of stairs before us that would lead us to Eric's car.  I think she almost ran up them, again, cheered on by a few community members beside her!   We headed home, sore, blistered and on a high that can only come from doing something that you weren't sure you could do....only to find that you are much stronger than you thought.  Would I do it bet! 

Love to you all and thank you for your support on this incredible journey!


  1. That's amazing, Sheri. What an ordeal! I love your enthusiasm! WAY TO GO!!

  2. Inspirational! And you kept your sense of humor!
    Great stories (D-Day approaches thru Day 3). So proud of you and all the walkers.